The month of August has been our month of 31 Days of Spiritual Intensity in the history of Salem International Christian Centre (Salem Family) Ghana.
It is the month the entire church absolutely dedicate to passionate pursuit and renewal of personal relationship with God through prayer and fasting, Studying of the Bible, Meditation and Daily Meetings. It has been characterized with relentless hunger for God though deep reading, study and meditation in the word, authentic worship and refining prayer to God. The results have always been overwhelming surge of our love, faith and service to God and His kingdom.

The overarching theme for the year 2020 is WALKING WITH GOD IN CHALLENGING TIMES.

Our Objectives
It is 31 Days of
▪️ To renew penitence, sobriety and genuine repentance so as trigger revival.
▪️ To Seek God’s Face for intimate fellowship with God.
▪️ To ignite spiritual intensity through intense Word Study, Fasting, Prayers and Worship.
▪️ To Pray into Manifestation GOD’S Promises over our lives as released by His servant in the year of Supremacy of faith.
▪️ To express the core covenant of Salem to Love God, serve God, prepare to make heaven, and help others do same through discipleship.
▪️ To win the war against Degeneration and Retrogression in the Believer’s health
▪️ To Activate the Supernatural Experiences resulting into the explosion of miracles and testimonies in the lives of Salemites and keep it as a daily occurrence.
▪️ To receive God’s best in our lives & to experience heaven on earth
▪️ To launch us into the Ghana International Outpouring Conference (GIOC 2020)

This program is climaxed with Ghana International Outpouring Conference GIOC which is our second five star conference aside AIC every year. This year’s GIOC is slated for September 2 -6, 2020 and will be onsite in full compliance COVID-19 Pandemic regulations and virtually for the entire period. We intend to feature seasoned ministers of God like Bishop David Onimisi, Provincial bishop of Europe, Bishop Enobong Etteh, Provincial bishop of Lagos & Director of Mission for Africa, Bishop Hillary Ogoliegbune, Provincial Bishop of Rivers, Nigeria and many others